Skin Care

10 Ways to Kill Time While Your Face Mask Works its Magic

Give yourself a manicure: If you have 10 minutes to kill, there's time enough to file your nails and apply a fortifying base; if your mask needs 20 minutes, you'll also be able to apply a varnish and top coat. Dark orange is this season's colour!

Pamper your body: hop in the shower while waiting for your mask to work. Use this time to give yourself a top-to-toe body scrub. Baby-soft skin guaranteed! Book an evening out at a restaurant or order in some sushi. Nothing better than sashimi for two!

Make yourself a detoxifying tea or fresh smoothie: pump your body full of goodness in no time at all. Organise a weekend getaway: holiday time or not, we all deserve a break in the sun! Little trip to the coast, perhaps?

Give your body a workout: never have time to go running? Dig out your sports mat and do 30 abs, 30 squats and 2 minutes planking. Go on, you can do it. Get a golden glow if you've no holiday lined up. Ten minutes is time enough to apply a fake tan. But make sure you apply it evenly!

Keep up with what's hot or not: grab the latest Marie Claire and check out the latest fashions! Catch up on your favourite series: or dive into the world of Girls - at only 20 minutes per episode, the timing couldn't be better!

Do nothing: because sometimes we need to switch off... Pop a pillow under your head, breathe deeply and simply drift off for a while.