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10 Things that May be Dimming Your Perfect Smile

Opening a plastic pouch, unscrewing a bottle cap, pulling off a price tag... All of these seemingly unimportant habits can damage and wear out our teeth. And, over time, cause us problems. Problems that can't be rectified.

Like the skin around our eyes, the skin around our lips is also extremely fragile. This is why fine expression lines crop on these zones, adding years to our appearance. The solution? Apply an anti-wrinkle contour cream to both your eye and lip contours! It's the best way to hydrate this delicate skin and keep wrinkles at bay, ensuring a perfect smile.

It's important that we brush our teeth after every meal. But that doesn't mean brushing too hard! You could end up damaging their enamel, irritating your gums, increasing sensitivity and even cause cavities. Not a good idea if you want to show off your sparkly whites and your bright smile.

So you thought that only sugary fizzy drinks were bad? Quite the opposite! Scientists have proved that the acidity found in fizzy drinks, whether diet or not, damages our teeth. Ouch!

A dazzling smile requires dazzling teeth, but you should go easy on the teeth-whitening front. Teeth-whiteners can increase sensitivity, so should not be used too frequently. Even whiteners designed for home use should be used with precaution. For example, whiteners in toothpastes are abrasive and could leave you with ultra-sensitive, painful teeth.

Okay, so this one can't be avoided, but it's worth knowing that as we age we become more prone to cavities and receding gums. But that doesn't mean you can't keep a healthy set of teeth and a bright smile. Using flouride is the key to protecting yourself from oral infections. Fluoride in toothpastes and mouthwashes works equally well.

When we clench our jaw or grind our teeth, we can chip them and erode their enamel. Teeth grinding can cause terrible jaw pain and alter the shape of your face. So try to chill!

Drinking wine regularly can harm your health as well as your smile. Wine is particularly acidic and can make your teeth yellow or stained. So, keep an eye on your wine consumption and rinse out your mouth once you've had your dose.

Pregnant women need to pay extra attention to their teeth and gums. Scientists have found a link between poor dental hygiene and premature births/smaller babies. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause our gums to become inflamed and increase the risk of gingivitis. If you suffer from morning sickness, rinse out your mouth with water, so as to protect your teeth from damage caused by stomach acid.

Our teeth are not designed to snack on hard objects such as biros or our specs. Chomping on solid objects can cause your teeth to crack and will strain your jaw muscles.