Skin Care

10 Commandments To Prevent Cosmetic Ageing

Even if you have taken all your make-up off the previous evening, you must cleanse your skin when you wake up. But if you haven't been wearing make-up in the meantime, why should you bother? Because during the night our skin is exposed to interior pollution, which often can be just as damaging as that which is outside. On top of this, sebum and various residue stemming from its overnight regeneration can clog the skin.

Going out bare faced is out of the question. A good anti-wrinkle cream is not only a shield against those fine lines, but is also like a protective second skin against external aggressors which provoke skin ageing.

To give our skin everything it needs to regenerate overnight, an anti-wrinkle night cream is essential.

By using your fingers to exert pressure on the skin you can stimulate the oxygenation of the tissues and the production of collagen. This is why it is so important to really massage your cream in every day when you apply it and to take a few minutes to lightly pinch your skin to help tone it.

Place a soaked cotton pad on your eye, lightly press it to help absorb the make-up, but take care not to rub or move the tissues. In fact, the very fine and fragile skin around the eye area needs this anti-wrinkle step to prevent it creasing.

We exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells that have built up on the skin's surface. The more refined epidermis breathes better and easier. On top of this, when you apply your anti-ageing cream after, the exfoliation helps your skin absorb its active ingredients.

There is nothing better than applying a thick layer to give your skin all the molecules that it desperately needs. Choose nourishing active and anti-ageing ingredients or detoxifying clays and scrubs according to your skin type.

The best way to hydrate is to drink water, especially when your skin is exposed to a dry and hot atmosphere. Drinking two litres of water, herbal teas or tea every day is a anti-ageing activity which will keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Our skin has to put up with make-up and pollution all day. All of the residue sticks to the stratum corneum of the skin. That's why it's so important that you clear your skin as soon as possible to help it breath and regenerate overnight.