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Stop Chlorine From Wrecking Your Hair and Skin!

Stop Chlorine From Wrecking Your Hair and Skin

Swimming is a cellulite-busting, toning sport. Whether it's aquabiking, aquagym or simply attacking a few laps, it's a great way to get fit without too much of a strain. But whereas our figures love a dip, our skin disagrees. So time to adopt a post-swim beauty routine that will pamper both your skin and your locks!

Skin hates chlorine: it leaves it feeling tight, red and itchy. Dehydrated by disinfectants added to swimming pools, our skin craves comforting, nourishing care. So start your day by moisturising. Apply a moisturiser to your face and body well before you even dip a toe in the water. And once you step out, shower off using a pH neutral, moisturising shower gel or oil. If your skin's really dry, up the ante by slathering on a thick layer of cream. And before you hit the sack, treat yourself to a soothing face mask or overnight mask that will help your skin to regenerate whilst you sleep.

Chlorine leaves our hair dry and brittle. If left unchecked, your gorgeous mane will look like a pile of straw. It'll need hydrating and nourishing from roots to tips. Shampoos that contain shea butter or jojoba oil will deeply nourish hair shafts and smoothe away any damage caused by chlorine. Applying a post-swim face mask may not be possible, but you can catch up by using one in the evening. It's also worth applying a conditioner to your tips every couple of days - leave it on for a few minutes so that your hair can soak up its goodness.

Don't pile on the make up after a swim, as it will irritate and suffocate your skin. Opt for a tinted BB cream, which will moisturise your skin and disguise any blotches cause by chlorinated water. Ditto for eye make up - too much will only accentuate bloodshot eyes. As for your lips, a balm lipstick will leave your pout kissably soft. And ready to carry on with your day!