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Skin Care Why everyone's getting a hand lift

What's the point of spending so much time and money on your face if your hands continue to betray your age with brown spots, thin skin, and wrinkles? People always remember to protect their necks or necklines but often forget about their hands, despite the fact that they are just as exposed. With age, the skin on your hands gets thinner, more delicate, and more transparent, allowing your veins to show through. What's more, small flat brown spots called "liver spots" or "age spots" are one of the most conspicuous signs of getting older.

Over the past few years, different procedures and hand lifts have gained popularity. These techniques help to get rid of the liver spots or age spots and fillers can be used to replace the volume in your thinning skin and restore their elasticity and plump-ness.



To remove brown spots from the back of your hands, dermatologists used to use cryotherapy to remove the skin with liquid nitrogen. Nowadays, lasers are used for photo-rejuvenation, causing the spots to disappear before reconstructing the skin after a maximum of three sessions. However, this procedure is not recommended for darker skin tones.


Hyaluronic Injections

To eliminate wrinkles and get smooth hands, you can have injections of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance, between the tendons. The result looks natural and lasts around two years. You can also try a peeling procedure where the skin is deliberately irritated by mechanical or chemical treatments, forcing the skin to regenerate itself by producing new cells.

To compensate for the loss of fat from under the skin, dermatologists often suggest a filling technique involving small injections of hyaluronic acid. The most extreme method is LipoStructure, which consists of injecting fat into the hands. Fat is removed from the thighs or buttocks and injected under local anaesthetic in a day clinic.

Although these hand lift procedures are quick and easy ways to turn back the clock on your ageing skin, they are pricey procedures that could leave a huge dent in your wallet. Carry out your research and find out the right procedure for you before investing in a hand lift.