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Skin Care Washable Pads, The Latest Cleansing Craze

Washable Pads The Latest Cleansing Craze

Bearing in mind that 823kg of cotton is produced per second, you can imagine that waste that's created. Which is why washable cleansing pads are all the rage with consumers who want to save the planet along with their money. Available in a range of fabrics, they work the same way as disposable cotton pads - place a dollop of cleanser on the pad and wipe off any make up or grime. The only difference is that once you are done, you pop it into a little bag and add it to your wash. Once clean and dry, you can start all over again!

Popular and practical, washable pads reduce pollution caused by cotton production, alongside the amount of water used for its manufacture. Washable cleansing pads have two sides - one soft and smooth to cleanse sensitive zones and a thicker, coarser side to get rid of stubborn make up. They may cost more to buy than your run of the mill pads, but the fact that they're washable and suit all skin types, makes them cheaper in the long run.

Washable pads come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can find ones suited to your skin type and needs.
• Eucalyptus pads are really soft, so they are great for sensitive skin
• Bamboo cotton is slightly thicker, perfect for cleansing oils and dealing with blemishes
• Hemp is highly absorbent so good for fluid cleansers such as micellar or floral water. That said, if you have sensitive skin, avoid using the rougher side as its slight 'scrubbing' action could cause fragile skin to flare up.

Even though washable pads are easily available in the market today, you can also make your own if you like! You will need a pair of sharp scissors, a fabric pen, a needle and some thread. Fabric-wise you can pick up organic cotton micro-sponges, double sided bamboo, or Tencel. A few snips and seams later and you will be ready to go!