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You've Hit The Big 40 - Time to Deal With Unwelcome Wrinkles

It's great being 40 - we blossom and are at ease with our femininity. Even psychologists have been heard to say that 40 is the new 30! That said, hitting 40 also means our skin begins to age more quickly. Frowning, blinking, sunbathing, pollution, smoking... as the years pass, they leave an even greater mark. And refuse to budge. Much to our dismay!

If that weren't enough, our epidermis also begins to lose elasticity. Which is caused by a slow-down in collagen and elastin production. Welcome to frown lines, crow's feet and deep nasolabial folds. The good news is that to get rid of wrinkles simply means adopting the right beauty routine. Let us show how you how!

1. Anti-ageing cream
The first step to dealing with signs of ageing is to invest in a global anti-ageing cream to deal with 40 year-old skin! Moisturising and bursting with antioxidants, they do more than just get rid of wrinkles. They also boost cell renewal, whilst increasing collagen and elastin production. The result? Smoother wrinkles alongside plump, denser skin and lighter age spots. They firm up our faces and define our facial contours.

2. Facial cleanser
Cleanse every morning with a gentle treatment such as micellar water, which will purify and refresh your skin. Once done, apply a revolumising serum that contains hyaluronic acid to plump up your epidermis and kick-start collagen production. Follow with an anti-wrinkle and anti-age spot treatment that contains an SPF to protect your skin from the ageing effects of the sun. And treat yourself to an eye contour cream that will smooth away crow's feet in a flash.

3. Blur cream
If you're still not happy, you can apply a blur cream to Photoshop out any stubborn lines and wrinkles. Blur creams are a skincare meets make up, blemish-zapping hybrid. They create an optical illusion to instantly camouflage wrinkles, dull skin, open pores and other blemishes.

4. Night time skincare products
At night, apply a gentle face oil or cleansing cream to remove make up, pollution, smoke, grime and sweat. And finish off with a global action anti-ageing night cream. Night creams are richer than their daytime version, meaning they deeply nourish and hydrate skin. And, as skin cell renewal peaks during the night, it's the perfect time to hydrate and gorge our skin with vitamins, lipids and amino acids. Use the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Ageing Serum to refine your skin texture and reduce wrinkles, and boost elasticity and hydration for a smoother and radiant look. You will wake to up glowing and younger looking skin the next morning!

If your skin feels tight (for example when the seasons change or if you're worn out), then moisturise with a soothing, nutritious oil. Our tip? Massage on an oil before applying a night cream to pump your skin full of lipids.

Growing up is inevitable and your skin will start showing signs of ageing sooner or later. Follow these tips and use the right skincare products specially formulated for mature skin so you can delay the signs of ageing and hold on to your youthful glow for longer.

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