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Top Tips for a Youthful Look!

Top Tips for a Youthful Look!

As we age, our faces lose volume and our facial contours change. Ditto for our eye contours. It tends to be our 'tear troughs' that first show signs of ageing. This is the area below our eyes, between our cheekbones and nose. It begins to sag as soon our skin loses elasticity and in turn, leads to furrows along our nasolabial folds. This sagging can make us look worn and tired and, yes, make up can provide a quick fix. The good news is that there are also treatments available for a longer-lasting effect. Here are our top two!

1. Cosmetic Procedures

Fillers such as hyaluronic acid injections can alter the eye contours by plumping up sagging skin. Injections designed for tear troughs have been around since 2007 and formulae are constantly being improved. These jabs are bruise, swelling, and pain-free and can last for up to 18 months. Their effect is immediate: hyaluronic acid restores the facial contour and lifts the nasolabial folds. Furrows are filled, leaving our faces youthfully plump and fresh. If you don't mind needles, these injections are the First Class one way tickets to a youthful look!

2. Anti-Ageing Creams

Creams don't work as well as fillers, but they still help to restore a youthful gaze. It's best to start early and make sure you apply a suitable treatment. And the star ingredient is, once again, hyaluronic acid! Hylauronic acid-based eye contour treatments instantly hydrate the fragile skin around our eyes, adding volume in the process. The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Anti-Aging Day Cream intensely restores skin plumpness, fills up lines, moisturizes and visibly improves skin radiance for a younger look. They're great for dry skin, restore mature skin's elasticity and, most of all, zap wrinkles. Opt for a treatment that contains micro-metric hyaluronic acid and apply a dollop to any wrinkles, carefully tapping it in for immediately youthful eyes. Added plus? Plump skin irons out signs of tiredness!

Do not wait for your wrinkles to set in and your eye contour to deepen before you decide to start working on restoring your youthful radiance. Start early and use products with the right ingredients suitable for your skin type to delay the signs of ageing.

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