Skin Care Tanning Tips: How To Make Your Tan Last 5 Weeks

Tanning Tips How To Make Your Tan Last 5 Weeks

When you get back from your holiday, take good care of your skin and moisturise it deeply so that it doesn't peel and can renew itself. Wind, salt, sun, altitude: the conditions on holiday are not at all relaxing for your skin. The skin tends to be fragile afterwards and needs nourishment and protection. So, use a moisturiser for the face and a cream or oil for the body, depending on your skin's needs. You can even cheat a bit and choose an aftersun with tanning action, which will prolong your holiday glow and achieve a long lasting tan.

No, exfoliation does not get rid of your tan! To the contrary, actually: the second of our tanning tips is to gently scrub away to achieve brighter, smoother and softer skin. It's a great technique to keep your beautiful summer glow, as exfoliating eliminates the dead cells that can make your complexion dull. However, make sure you go for a gentle scrub once a week at most, so as not to damage the tanned cells below. Always avoid scrubbing sunburn, peeling skin or damaged skin.

Make the most of foods known for their "glowing complexion" effect: carrots, peppers, spinach, parsley, cabbages and melon are all rich in beta-carotene which activates, intensifies and prolongs your tan. Dried apricot and mango are also particularly rich in pro-vitamin A, the proportion of which increases when the food is dried out.

he last of our tanning tips for a long lasting tan is to reach for the self tan. We usually use it to camouflage our pale skin, but it can also help to prolong or reinforce your tan. Around ten days after your return, apply it to your body and re-apply once or twice a week. Don't choose one that is too dark, and apply it after exfoliating. Avoid your elbows, knees and the palms of your hands; the skin is thicker there and therefore gets a darker colour. Beware of the tangerine look!