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To keep cool and fresh in their hot, humid, tropical climate, Brazilians will bathe up to three times a day. For them, bathing is more than just a soak in the tub listening to Magic FM, it is a sacred ritual to purify the body, rooted in tradition. Using refreshing perfumes such as Maracujá, Brazil nuts, Capuacu, acai berry or pitanga, these calming herbal baths may heal and strengthen or relieve stress, or even keep danger at bay or attract good fortune.

The key to any decent hamman spa treatment, Moroccan black soap is an effective cleanser, perfectly suited to sensitive skin. Containing a mixture of olive oil and crushed black olives marinated in salt and potash, the soap is ideal for exfoliation to get soft, glowing skin. We're a fan.

These are a kind of sauna: a number of baths, each with different benefits for the skin, that vary greatly in temperature. Some are piping hot, others icy cold, the idea being to detoxify the body and stimulate the circulation. They're usually followed by a toning scrub. A great way to unclog the pores and get your glow on!

Polynesians love massages, which they see as a ritual that allows them to connect with their bodies. They use massage to soothe, soften and refine skin tone, not least because their bodies are exposed to the sun all year round. Their magic ingredient is Monoi oil; they slather it all over their bodies and hair and also use it to perfume their bath water.

To cope with the extreme cold in this polar region, Siberians love the Russian 'banya', a sauna-meets-90°-steam room, followed by a body wrap made from mud, honey, oils, herbs and local berries. Its nourishing and revitalising properties improve the skin and protect it from the harsh climate. We'll be giving it a try come January.