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Skin Care Oil-Based Cleansers - A New Texture On The Block!

OilBased Cleansers A New Texture On The Block

Oil-based cleansers are a one-way ticket to perfect skin. They melt on to our skin like classic lotions and wrap our face in a cosy blanket during winter. This oil meets lotion winning combo means we benefit from a cleanser that also feeds our skin. So they are not just about removing makeup and cleaning our skin but are also designed to mollycoddle our faces day after day.

This where the essential oils come into play. To be effective, they need to contain top quality active ingredients that suit each skin type. Oil-based cleansers use two beauty-boosting essential oils - rose oil to nourish and regenerate and passiflora oil to soften and brighten the complexion.

Oil-based cleansers are the ultimate sensual pleasure! They'll win over those of you who've held back from using cleansing oils, but still want a luscious texture when it comes to your nightly cleanse. They work a treat on all skin types - from combination to really dry - and are soaked up by mature skins that crave a nourishing, comforting cleanser. Once you've applied an oil-based cleansing lotion, your skin will feel silky soft rather than stretched and tight. For example, the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Milky Foam gently yet effectively cleanses and smoothens roughness for a visibly revived and cleansed skin. The Revitalift Milky Foam instantly removes makeup, eliminates impurities, and repairs skin to maximize the results of your anti-wrinkles and firming skincare.

You can apply an oil-based cleanser with a cotton pad. It'll get rid of any grime and impurities. Or, you can cleanse like a pro and follow the advice of beauticians who grace the most luxurious of salons.

The professional trick:
1. Heat up a dollop with your fingertips.
2. Apply it to your face and neck using gentle, circular movements.
3. Concentrate on your eyes if you're wearing makeup.
4. Wipe it off with a cotton pad, followed by a second cotton pad that's soaked in micellar water.