Cosmetic Water And Water Serums, Asia's Latest Blockbusters

Cosmetic water and water serums, Asia's latest blockbusters

Asian women (Chinese and South Korean in particular) are skincare pros who dig deep into their pockets when it comes to fabulous skin. CC creams, illuminators, correctors, sheet masks, anti-pigment/anti-wrinkle creams... Innovative cosmetics are synonymous with this part of the world. Beauty bloggers and social networks have leaped onto the Asian beauty routine bandwagon. BB creams, cushion creams and layering have been tried, tested and shared to rounds of applause and standing ovations. So when we heard about cosmetic water, we immediately set out to investigate the latest Asian trend, with its promise to revolutionise our beauty routines.

Asian women love water-based treatments and mists that penetrate skin without leaving behind a sticky film. They've always understood the benefits of water on skin, maybe due to the naturally humid Asian climate. A skincare lesson that Europeans and North Americans are now keen to learn. We know that downing lots of water keeps our skin healthy and glowing... What we also need to do is give it an external drink! Moisturising is the skincare Golden Rule. It keeps our skin healthy and youthful for longer. It slows down skin ageing and keeps lines and wrinkles at bay. So you can imagine why the idea of cosmetic water immediately grabbed our attention.

Water serums are kite-surfing the cosmetic water waves. They're a winning, two-in-one combo of a serum (which has twice the amount of active ingredients than a cream) with a feather-light lotion. All we need to do is choose the right one for our skin: mattifying, anti-blemish, nourishing, brightening, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue... As with serums, we're spoiled for choice. Our verdict? A couple of cotton pads later you'll be left with a beautifully moisturised, even-toned, smooth, radiant complexion!