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Skin Care Body Cream - What's The Best One For Me?

Creams are generally sold in two types of formulations: oil-in-water and water-in-oil. For a light texture and great hydration, opt for an oil-in-water cream; a formulation that incorporates tiny droplets of oil in a water base. For a more nourishing treatment, go for a water-in-oil formula, in which droplets of water are enclosed in an oil base.

Lotion has a very light texture. It rapidly penetrates the skin and tends not to leave a sticky or oily film. It's a good choice for the summer, especially when you perspire more!

Much thicker and denser than a cream, a balm is winter skin's best friend! Much oilier, its healing benefits make it especially ideal for dry skin areas; lips and hands; or rough heels.

Like body lotion, this is great for normal or oily skins, without being too rich. Rapidly absorbed, it does not leave a sticky sensation and allows you to get dressed immediately. Ideal for those in a hurry!

Dry oil has all the same moisturising properties of an oil but doesn't leave a film on the skin. All skin types can use this, but some formulations are available specifically for dry skin in need of extra care.

Refreshing and energising, moisturising mists contain hydrating ingredients; just like your cream, balm, lotion and oil; but in a very light texture that penetrates instantly. There's no need to smooth it over or leave it to dry. They are often fragranced and can replace your perfume during summer months, when it may react in the sun.