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Woken up to dark circles? Time for a caffeine kick!

Woken up to dark circles Time for a caffeine kick

Most of us love a morning cuppa, many of us use it to combat orange peel skin, but did you know that caffeine is also a major player when it comes to banishing our panda eyes? Here's the proof.Lack of sleep, long days, glued to a PC... Our ultra-connected, 100mph lifestyles will sooner or later start to wreak havoc with our eye contours. This is THE sensitive part of our face, as the skin around our eyes is so much thinner than the rest.Result? Dark circles, those nasty brown, bluey-violet hues caused by poor circulation around our eyes. The solution? Stimulate our circulation, to get back our bright-eyed, wide awake look.

Ready to wager your bets on this active ingredient? Caffeine improves tissue drainage and boosts poor circulation.Can this active ingredient do anything else? Yup! It combats free radicals, which attack epidermal cells, alter cell function and cause premature skin ageing.So next time you treat yourself to an eye contour cream, make sure caffeine's on the list of ingredients!