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Whizz Up Some Delicious, Tan-boosting Smoothies

Whizz Up Some Delicious Tanboosting Smoothies

Carrots are powerful tan-boosters. Their high beta-carotene content helps our skin to get a gorgeous bronzed glow. Add carotenoid-rich tomatoes and vitamin C-packed strawberries for a smoothie that'll protect your skin from harmful UV rays, whilst working on your colour. You'll need to mix:- 15cl of carrot juice- 2 very ripe tomatoes- 250g of strawberries- juice from ½ a lemon- a few fresh basil leaves.

Complexion-boosting peaches and apricots are bursting with beta-carotene, which helps our bodies to produce vitamin A. This vitamin boosts melanin production so we tan faster. As for almond milk, it's vitamin E content helps protect our skin from damage caused by UV rays. You'll need to mix:- 1 peach- 2 apricots- 1 orange- 200ml of almond milk.

Want a quick tan without resorting to sunbeds? Then whizz up a guava and blackcurrant smoothie. Their carotenoids protect our skin by combating free radicals. You'll need to mix:- 35cl of fresh guava juice- 1 very ripe banana- 50g of blackcurrants (fresh or frozen).

Some green veg can help us to tan - rocket, courgettes, cress and lettuce are all worthy contenders. Cucumbers contain lots of water, meaning they hydrate our skin after a day in the sun.You'll need to mix:- 125g of rocket- 1 large cucumber- 10 fresh mint leaves- fresh lemon juice.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, a turbo-charged antioxidant that protects our skin. It helps our skin fend off UV rays, prevents it from drying out and deals with free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing. Result: A healthy, glowing tan! You'll need to mix:- 4 teaspoons of olive oil- 2 very ripe melons- 1 handful of fresh basil leaves- a few ice cubes Don't forget that whilst these foods help us tan faster, they should never replace a sunscreen! So slather on your SPF and make sure you re-apply it every couple of hours.