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Which Clay Mask Is Best For My Skin Type?

Which Clay Mask Is Best For My Skin Type

Kaolin clay washed by rainwater or streams is perfect for dry skin. It is clay that is least rich in metals and, therefore, the gentlest addition to your skincare routine. It also has fortifying properties and encourages the elimination of toxins and remineralises the skin. It is the perfect clay for combination to oily skin as it absorbs and regulates excess sebum. It can also be used on spots to dry them out.

The manganese content of yellow clay adds a regenerating effect to your skin care routine. This natural anti-wrinkle substance is rich in minerals and will stimulate the production of iron and collagen, which will improve cell oxygenation and tone up the skin.

Red clay boasts of soothing and detoxifying properties, making it ideal for tired skin that can suffer from reactions and rosacea. It is very rich in oligoelements and iron, boosts circulation, and returns the radiant glow back to your skin. It is the perfect clay mask for dull skin!

Pink clay is a combination of 3/4th white clay and 1/4th red clay and is ideal for sensitive skin. It softens and cares for intolerant skin that is prone to redness. So add it to your skin care routine if you are looking for a clay mask that cleans delicate skin deeply without irritating it.

Purple clay is a mixture of several natural clays that make it particularly rich in silicium and low in mineral salts. Its properties are similar to those of white clay, making it particularly useful for fragile, delicate skin. It softens and purifies the skin while fighting inflammation.

The L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask exfoliates and refines pores to give you perfectly clean skin in just 10 minutes. It targets rough skin and clogged pores to reveal an even and smooth complexion. Apply an even layer of the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask in circular motions on clean, dry skin, while avoiding the eye and lip areas, to exfoliate the face. Leave the application on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with water. To get the best results, use the product at least three times a week.