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What Does The Future Hold For Nutricosmetics?

What Does The Future Hold For Nutricosmetics

Nutricosmetics is part of a new generation of skincare products - phials, tablets, drinks - that work on the inside to improve our skin's appearance and overall health. The philosophy behind nutricosmetics is that beauty is more than skin deep and our skin's health depends on what's going on inside our bodies. Whereas traditional cosmetics are applied to skin to alleviate specific problems, nutricosmetics promises a global action, designed to give our skin a helping hand wherever it needs it. The idea is to orally take active ingredients, minerals and nutrients that nourish skin at a deeper level.

Applying treatments to the epidermis won't always ensure a long-lasting effect. For that, our skin needs treatments that work on a deeper level and which target the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids etc.) taken orally pass through the digestive tract to reach our intestines, from where they're transported to the rest of the body. The hitch: these molecules compete against each other as they try to reach our bloodstream. The idea of nutricosmetics is to single out one active ingredient so that it has a better chance to penetrate the dermis. Once the molecules reach the circulatory system, the nutrients they carry are then evenly spread throughout the body.

Whatever you do, don't bin them! Nutricosmetics is not designed to replace traditional beauty treatments, but rather act as a complementary measure. Keep enjoying your skincare products and incorporate nutricosmetic supplements as and when needed throughout the day.