Skin Care

What are the 4 keys to cosmetic innovation?

Scientific contributions are essential to innovation in the cosmetics industry. We take a look at the key scientific factors in the creation of new skin care.

Active ingredients

Only in-depth research can hope to respond to the enormous diversity of skin care needs. Active ingredients are the key to an effective, innovative new skin care cream or serum. Research teams at Laboratoires L’Oréal enrich their knowledge non-stop in order to discover new active ingredients. Science is the driving force behind cosmetic innovation and is the key to inventing the skin care of the future. This is how Pro-Xylane found in Revitalift Laser X3 was created. This ingredient is obtained from a sugar present in beech trees and can remodel the architecture of the skin's tissues.


The art of combining raw materials is essential in the quest to creating new skin care that is as sensory and cosmetic as possible. Chemists are the masters of the art of formulation. As formulas need to be stable over time, the work can sometimes be tedious. Before sailing off towards success and our bathrooms, new skin care can be altered up to 30 or 40 times during trials.


Product safety is the number one criteria before an item can be stocked on shop shelves. To respond to the vast diversity of women's skin care problems, it is crucial that all L’Oréal Paris facial products be evaluated at every stage of their production. This includes instrumental evaluation, effectiveness and stability tests and finally consumer evaluation. From micellar water to the most cutting-edge anti-ageing serum, every L’Oréal Paris product is subjected to a range of tests that rigorously and scientifically proves its effectiveness and complete safety.



Formulation and packaging come as a pair. Cosmetic innovation is also a continuing dialogue between science and marketing, which enables cosmetics companies to accurately meet women's expectations. From face serums to mascara, the packaging ensures that the formula is delivered in the best possible conditions for optimal effectiveness and sensory pleasure.

So the next time you pick up your bottle of the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Power Water, think about the research and care that goes into ensuring your skin gets only the best ingredients and you enjoy the sensorial experience!