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True vs False: 5 Facts To Help You Turn Back The Clock

True vs False 5 Facts To Help You Turn Back The Clock

True. Facial yoga puts us in touch with our facial muscles, expressions and habits that may cause wrinkles to crop up: pouting, puffing on a cigarette and frowning all cause lines to appear. Some wrinkles can be reduced by relaxing our facial muscles, but for others our faces need toning up to make them fade into the mist. Facial yoga both relaxes our muscles and tones up our facial contours.

False. A youthful look needs cultivating - keeping our skin well moisturised and protected from the sun is essential. Soaking up the sun without applying a sunscreen will dry out your skin and cause liver spots. UV rays reduce skin's elasticity and collagen fibres, as well as causing wrinkles. So make sure you protect your skin with a long-lasting SPF that you should re-apply every couple of hours.

True. Antioxidants protect skin from damage caused by free radicals that are responsible for premature ageing. Piling your plate with antioxidant-rich food will do your skin the world of good. Gorge on vitamin A (dairy products, eggs), vitamin C (citrus fruits) and vitamin E (vegetable oils, nuts, broccoli, spinach and avocados).

False. Make up can camouflage some blemishes, even out our skin tone and give us a lovely glow. That said, numerous make up no-no's will leave us looking 10 years older! Heavy foundation, cakey concealers, too much powder (especially around the eyes), iridescent eye shadows and dark lipsticks do us no favours.

True. Sports not only help our cardiovascular system and posture, but also combat ageing. Physical activity tones up our muscles and makes us sweat, clearing toxins and oxygenating our cells in the process.