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True or False On Combination Skin | L'Oréal Paris

We know that combination skin exists, that it is often associated with oily skin on the bottles of our skin care products that it has different needs, but that's about it. We take a look at the needs of the most complex skin type, combination skin!

Combination skin must be oily

False: Combination skin is... a combination! This means that it is both dry and oily: it can be identified by often dry areas (like the cheeks and temples) and localised oily areas (forehead, nose and chin). It is quite a common skin type among women aged between 35 and 45. Black and mixed-race skin also tends to be affected.

Combination skin is easy to treat

False: Combination skin is the most complex skin type! It produces "bad oils" that make the T zone shiny, your complexion dull and spots and dilated pores appear, due to a reaction between the fats in the sebum with the air on the surface of the skin. Away from the T zone, the skin is tight, dry, dehydrated and lacks oil. It is therefore crucial to treat the two areas differently, with products that are adapted to each of them. There are also "all-in-one" products that can hydrate dry areas and balance out oily areas.

You can get combination skin temporarily

True: External factors, such as pollution, tobacco, sun or stress, and internal factors (hormone cycle, the pill, illness, lack of sleep), can make normal skin, or even dry skin, acquire oily areas with imperfections. Don't panic: it's not permanent. Just treat the factor causing this change in your skin.

Combination skin can be sensitive

True: Combination skin can be fragile and needs just as much attention as other skin types, if not more. If it suffers any aggravation, it will defend itself by producing more sebum. So, take steps to avoid this situation: no more hot or very cold water, rough exfoliation, alcohol-based products, hard water or bars of soap. And to go out in the sun, never forget your sun cream.

Combination skin does not need moisturizing

False: The fact that combination skin secretes too much sebum does not mean that you must not moisturise it. You can simply adapt the product you use to the needs of your skin, choosing a special "combination skin" product that will moisturise yet mattify the skin. In the night, go for a richer product like the Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream Mask that will deep moisturise and nourish your skin while also regenerating skin texture. You could also apply a purifying mask to treat the T zone or a hydrating one for drier areas. You could even apply both in several layers.