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Time To Zap Those Liver Spots!

Time To Zap Those Liver Spots

Liver spots that appear on the face, hands and neck are due to hyperpigmentation of skin, which leaves dark, brown patches behind. They're caused by an excess of unevenly distributed melanin. There are a number of reasons for their appearance, but 63% of liver spots are caused by exposure to the sun. There's one sure-fire way to make sure these dark spots don't appear - apply a sunscreen every day.

The best way to combat liver (or age) spots is to apply a good liver spot remover, be it as a preventative measure, to treat ones that have already appeared or to work hand in hand with a dermatological treatment. Liver spot treatments contain various concentrations of depigmenting and exfoliating active ingredients. They'll reduce the intensity of pigmentation spots, whilst other active ingredients in their formulae will brighten your skin. As soon as your tan fades, start to apply a liver spot treatment every day. But be patient - they don't work overnight!

Dermatologists have various ways of zapping liver spots.

Cryotherapy involves applying liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C to each brown spot, resulting in localised epidermal necrosis. 80% of hyperpigmentation will disappear. Then there's peeling, which exfoliates the skin's surface to stimulate cell renewal and even out its tone. Liver spots will reduced by 50 to 80%.

Finally, there are laser treatments that destroy melanocytes, which contain melanin, thereby allowing liver spots to slowly fade away. It's best to get this done during winter, to avoid the risk of your tan disrupting the lazer's action.