Skin Care

Time To Work On Our Smiles and Get Rid of Nasolabial Fold

They start at the sides of our nose and run down the corners of our mouth. The give our mouths a down-turned 'I'm in a really foul mood' look. Specialists call them 'parentheses'. You may also hear 'marionette' or 'laughter' lines being thrown about. Nasolabial folds follow the downward sagging of our cheeks as we age.

What's the cause? They're unavoidable and progressively form when our facial muscles and subcutaneous fat deposits begin to head south and slump towards our jawline. The result? Well it's really a question of gravity... As our faces become weighed down, our skin tissue slackens. Add to that a lack of elastin and collagen fibres, leaving us with deeper wrinkles and sagging features So does this mean that slack skin will drop down to our jawline? No - promise! Fortunately the muscles that surround our mouths put up a resistance. But this does result in the formation of these folds in our skin. Nasolabial folds go hand in hand in with middle age.

So what can you do to minimise these wrinkles, without opting for fillers and injections? Well, anti-ageing treatments that are packed with hyaluronic acid and firming active ingredients can work a treat. They will plump up your skin from the inside and help lift your features.