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Things We Can Do at 50 Years Old that We Couldn't in Our 30s

Things We Can Do at 50 Years Old that We Couldnt in Our 30s

We love ourselves: We know our strengths and have also come to terms with our weaknesses. We're comfortable with ourselves, we understand our pros and cons and we've reached a stage where we no longer beat ourselves up. We live life to the full: We make the most of every moment; better to regret what you do than what you don't. We stop procrastinating and take the bull by the horns. We take our jobs in our stride:

We're well-established in our careers. We no longer have to suck up to the boss and we can finally spend time on pleasing ourselves. We can handle conflict, we can deal with stress and we're not afraid of challenges. We take time for ourselves: The kids have grown up, we're not constantly trying to keep the world and his wife happy and we can - at last - fulfill our own needs.

We can enjoy some couple time, go out for dinner during the week and saunter home at whatever time we like, without domestic chaos ensuing! We put things in perspective: We know what's important and what to let go. We don't go on guilt trips like we did in our youth and we know how to get to the point. And we no longer waste time on false friends, insincere relationships or feel the need to continually compromise. We enjoy treats:

Once our kids have flown the nest, we can start to have unbridled fun with evenings out and weekends away. We return to the unshackled freedom of our 20s. And financially we're under less pressure than our mortgage-laden 30s! We're at ease with our bodies: We're finally complex-free! We can cover up signs of ageing with fillers and injections, with hair dyes or by going under the surgeon's knife. But we can also be ourselves and get what we want without playing the seduction game.