We all make mistakes while on our journey of trying to get the perfect skin. We are here to stop you from making any of those skincare mistakes and help you perfect your skincare routine. Here are beauty mistakes you can’t ignore!

1. Skipping cleansing

Not cleansing your face is one of the worst things you can do for it. If there's only one thing you do to preserve your skin, make sure it's regularly cleansing it. Even if you've crawled into your bed at odd hours or aren't wearing any make-up. Cleansing your skin is the most basic step to start a perfect skincare routine. Cleansing helps you get rid of makeup and grime accumulated during the day. The pollution, smoke, sebum, dust trapped in your pores can be deeply cleansed with a mild cleanser. Cleansing in the simplest solution to the question asked very often, “how to detoxify skin?”. If you don't cleanse every day, you're likely to get spots caused by excess sebum and wrinkles at an early age.

Opt for a cleanser that suits your skin - lotion, oil, cream, gel or micellar water like the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Purifying Micellar Water that will dissolve impurities from pollution (pm 2.5) and makeup, excess oil and sebum without drying out your skin. This gentle cleanser makes your skin look crystal clear and absolutely clean! Make sure you use a cleanser twice a day and cleanse your face and neck. Pay attention to your eyes, especially if you're wearing waterproof makeup. Massage your face gently, in circular motions to deeply cleanse your skin.

2. Skipping out on moisturization

If there's one thing we should learn from the start, it's to thoroughly moisturise our skin. Drinks, fruits and vegetables hydrate our bodies, but we should also give our skin that extra helping hand by applying moisturising treatments. Skin becomes tight, itchy, rough, or dull when it's dehydrated. Hydrating treatments like day and night creams, masks, serums will balance out your skin's hydration levels by harnessing water on the surface of your epidermis. The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift 1.5 % Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a lightweight and non-sticky serum that deeply hydrates your skin making skin 42% radiant*. Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant that traps moisture from the air and deeply hydrates your skin.

If you’re wondering about how to build a skincare routine, start by including moisturising products into your routine. They help to restore and boost our skin's natural hydrating mechanisms to prevent it from drying out. Gels are great for normal or combination skin, rich creams for dry skin and anti-ageing formula for mature skin. Follow up with a hyaluronic acid cream like the L’Oréal Paris Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Day Cream that helps in boosting moisturization and visibly reducing fine lines!

3. Nighttime care

Don't even think about slipping between covers if you haven't done your nighttime skincare routine. Nighttime treatments like creams, serums and masks work like magic for your skin. While you sleep, the cells of your skin regenerate. During the night, our body takes advantage of the fact that we're inactive to repair any damage caused during the day by pollution, smoking, sun, stress and so forth. Our skin regenerates three times more quickly at night than it does during the day. After cleansing and hydrating your face, you can use a sheet mask to give your skin a quick pick me up. The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence Sheet Mask is a great mask for your skin. It makes the skin feel hydrated, smooth, radiant and glowing in just 15 minutes. The advanced patent cushion tissue mask technology helps this mask deliver 30x more product** than a regular sheet mask. This mask is suitable for all skin types and can be used thrice a week for the best results.

4. Importance of Salicylic Acid

We will all get wrinkles, but when and where they appear is a different matter. From 25 onwards, cell production begins to slow down, meaning our skin starts to sag and lose tone. It is best to invest in a product that helps in skin renewal at an early age. This will help reduce the ageing of your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Salicylic acid for the skin helps you gently exfoliate dead cells and soothes your skin. Reap the benefits of salicylic acid with the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence. This lightweight essence is a salicylic acid product that penetrates up to 10 layers deep into the skin***. The uses of salicylic acid include that it helps accelerate skin regeneration and brighten your skin. This essence gently exfoliates the skin to reveal radiant, glowing and healthy-looking skin while Centella Asiatica hydrates the skin to keep fine lines and textured skin at bay.

5. SPF

We all know that the sun damages the skin, UVB rays cause sunburn and UVA rays prematurely age our skin. And yet we're all guilty of making a big skincare mistake and going out on sunny days without using sunscreen. Apply a generous layer of sunscreen every day and if possible, reapply it every 2-3 hours. This applies rain or shine, on a beach or in town, even if you're only popping out for a quick snack on a sunny terrace. Regularly using sunscreen protects your skin from skin cancer, premature ageing, pigmentation and sun damage.

*Basis an instrumental test
**30X more absorbing capacity as compared to dry tissue weight
***Within epidermis in the stratum corneum layer