Skin Care

The snowy slopes are calling, but how can I protect my skin?

The snowy slopes are calling but how can I protect my skin

High altitudes, wind and the cold leave our skin drier than normal. Moisturising before you head out to show off your slalom is essential. Swap your micellar water for a turbo-charged cleansing lotion or oil, as they are richer and will better hydrate dry skin. You can stick to your usual day cream, but apply a serum first - it will deeply nourish your skin. And don't forget your eye contour! Even if your peepers are hidden behind your fabulous new sunglasses or ski mask, they'll also have to face the wind and cold.

High altitudes andsunshine reflecting off snoware as bad for our skin as sunbathing on a tropical beach. The black run's calling, but take a couple of minutes to apply a lipid-rich, high SPF sunscreen that will also protect your skin from the cold. There are loads of sunscreens that are designed for winter sports fans. If you have fair or fragile skin, go for the highest - factor 50! Re-apply your sunscreen during the day, especially at lunchtime if you're planning to lounge on a sunny terrace. Don't forget to apply your sunscreen even if it's cloudy!

Our lips suffer the most when we're up a mountain. They have to face the elements and can quickly become chapped and sore. As they don't have sebaceous glands, they can't keep themselves moisturised. So make sure you apply a skilip balmthat will both protect and nourish your lips. As with your sunscreen, re-apply your lip balm throughout the day. When back at base, moisturise and repair your lips by applying some vaseline, honey or shea butter.

Even if you're wearing gloves, you hands may well still suffer with dry skin. Your best bet is to apply a rich treatment such as a cold cream, vegetable oil-based balm or shea butter. Massage in your cream to that it deeply penetrates your skin. If your hands are hurting as much as your thighs when you crawl under the covers, slather on an a thick, nourishing oil and slip them into a pair of cotton gloves that you can leave on overnight. You'll wake up to silky soft mitts!

Once out of your shower or bath, moisturise your face and neck with a hydrating, nourishing cream that will repair your epidermis whilst you sleep. Just before you hit the sack, apply a second layer - a cold cream will do. Being thicker and richer it will immediately soothe your skin. And why not apply a face mask before you flop on the sofa and rest your aching legs? Smoothe on a thick layer to soak your face in a bath of beneficial active ingredients. And that's it! Simple beauty tips to keep your skin moisturised, comfortable and protected during your mountain escapades. The powdery pistes await...