Skin Care

The best eye contour cream for your age

Normal moisturisers aren't suited to the delicate skin around our eyes. The skin on this fragile zone is 3 times thinner than the rest of our face and produces very little collagen, elastin or fat cells, meaning it tends to dry out. To keep it hydrated and prevent wrinkles, we need to pamper it with specific treatments. So from our 20's onwards, we should start investing in eye contour treatments.

If you start caring for your eye contour during your 20's, you'll reap the benefits further down the line. Invest in moisturisers that de-congest this zone and boost circulation. It'll help prevent bags under your eyes, particularly after a night on the tiles! If you choose one with metal applicator, it'll keep you looking wide awake all day long.

Time to tackle early signs of ageing and apply anti-wrinkle treatments. The idea is to smoothe out fine lines and firm up your skin. The first wrinkles that crop up? Crinkly crows feet on the outer edges of our eyes. You could always go for a tinted eye contour cream that will camouflage any lurking dark circles.

When we hit the Big 40, we need to start dealing with sagging skin by applying treatments that hydrate our skin and boost collagen production. The star ingredient? Wrinkle-busting hyaluronic acid! Our tip: pop your eye contour cream in the fridge - if applied cold it'll deflate unsightly bags.

Our goal? Avoid eye-lift surgery at all costs! Time to combat droopy eyelids and crows feet with treatments that boost our circulation and activate collagen and elastin production.