Skin Care

The Best Cream To Rejuvenate And Plump Up Your Eye Area

Four times thinner than the rest of the face, the skin around the eye is the most delicate and is easily affected. With more than 20,000 blinks per day, the eye area is subjected to muscular tensions which have a noticeable impact on the firmness of the muscle tissue.

From the beginning of your 30s, this super delicate area should be at the forefront of your beauty concerns as well as your beauty routine. You'll find that the first expression lines to appear will be under your eyes and they will also be dotted with dehydration lines. And then, of course, dark circles and bags will make an appearance thanks to hectic days and short nights. On top of this, by the end of your 40s the tear trough starts to deepen. And at around 50, the general loss of volume your face experiences obviously doesn't show the eye area or the tear trough any mercy.

When looking for an under eye cream, look for a cream that will help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, bring some density and volume back to the skin around the eye area, and reduce dark circles and under-eye bags. So, which active ingredients should you be keeping an eye out for in the cream's formulation to bump it up into this best eye cream category? Draining and decongestant ones of course (like caffeine) but you also need a hydrating and plumping ingredient and there is nothing better for this than hyaluronic acid. However, you should preferably choose one that works on a smaller-scale, such as micrometric hyaluronic acid, so that it can be easily absorbed. Finally, another requirement is that the cream should be liquid enough so that it can be spread easily over the ultra-sensitive area around the eye and help soften it.

For example, you can try the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Transforming Eye Cream that corrects wrinkles and fine lines with results comparable to a laser session. The hyaluronic acid, pro-xylane and caffeine in the Laser X3 Transforming Eye Cream restore the skin’s elasticity, reduce fine lines, and refine your skin’s texture.

When you use such a cream, your eye area will be rejuvenated from the very first application, as the micrometric hyaluronic acid is capable of instantly filling in any dehydration lines. Gradually, it will plump up the expression lines and banish all signs of tiredness around your eyes. The best time to apply an eye cream is twice a day, morning and evening. Apply a slightly thicker layer if you want to use it as an ultra-fine mask which absorbs very quickly when you pat it in, without needing to rub too much. Then build it into your normal morning and evening skincare routines.