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The beauty mantra of today's 30-somethings: predict and prevent

The beauty mantra of todays 30somethings predict and prevent

Let's face it, in our thirties our skin is slightly less fresh than 10 years earlier... All the scientists and dermatologists agree that, during this period, our skin has some serious obstacles to overcome. As its metabolism is (already!) starting to slow down, the time comes for us to step it up a notch with our beauty routine. Yes, our skin starts to look more tired. But wrinkles also start to develop! Cell regeneration is a lot less active. Imperfections sometimes pop up, stress pores never seem to fully close and good hydration is not always on the cards. Nothing to worry about at the moment, but it's far better to act now to prepare for the years ahead...

"What should my skincare routine look like? Once again, hydration is key. To achieve this, opt for skincare that's suitable for your skin type (lighter formulas for combination to oily skin and richer formulas for drier skin) and apply it morning and night onto clean skin that has been completely cleansed to remove any trace of make-up.

What should I be focusing on to predict and prevent ageing at 30? Once you pass 30, the first fine lines that start to appear are expression and dehydration lines. If they start to creep in and become more noticeable day after day, choose skincare products that are specially designed to tackle those first wrinkles and are packed full of protective antioxidant agents. It's not worth completely relying on anti-age skincare that is full of overacive molecules

They won't be particularly useful (yet) on our 30-year-old skin. What if my skin gives away my fast-paced thirty-year-old lifestyle? At 30, we tend to live our lives in the fast-lane, sometimes a little too much and we often fall short of the recommended 8 hours sleep. In the morning, when our skin really betrays all our secrets, we like to use anti-fatigue skincare. Obviously it's hydrating, but it's also loaded with skin perfecting ingredients. This anti-fatigue skincare promises all us thirty-somethings one thing: it can take us one step further to getting ""perfect skin"

It's full of complexion perfecting wildcards that optimise the quality of your skin, making it appear smoother and combatting those open pores. 30 but (already) wanting to take your skincare one step further? The most suitable skincare products to use at this age are serums that you can use as treatments, for example. Whatever you do, don't neglect your eye area during your beauty routine to keep those small dehydration lines at bay and, ultimately, put the brakes on the emergence of crow's feet."