Skin Care

The amazing detoxing powers of charcoal

Also called activated charcoal, this product is formed as a result of the combustion of several different natural organic elements: wood, roots, coconuts, olive stones. Once these elements have been burnt and compressed, thousands of tiny pores appear on the newly created mineral, making it look a bit like a sponge.Therefore, the main power that charcoal has comes from its ability to absorb toxins, gases and acids. For example, it's capable of absorbing 100 times its volume in gas, making it a real ally to detoxing.For years, vegetable charcoal has been recognised as an extremely effective natural remedy to bowel problems (bloating, heartburn and indigestion), but also to combatting kidney failure and cholesterol, which is perhaps less well known. These days, it's cropping up in our bathrooms, and it's there to stay.

Pollution, tobacco, excess sebum, these are just some of the ways our skin can be suffocated. It becomes dehydrated, starts to look dull and the pores get clogged up resulting in imperfections.Thanks to its absorbent powers, vegetable charcoal has proved itself to be a real game changer when it comes to fighting all of these problems effectively. But how can you build it into your beauty routine?In the world of beauty products, you will mostly find vegetable charcoal in masks. When combined with clay, for example, it helps absorb impurities, eliminate toxins, get rid of blackheads and illuminate your complexion. And, because it's so effective, vegetable charcoal can also act as a light exfoliator, which is perfect for eliminating the dead skin on the surface of the epidermis. Your skin is soft, purified, fresh and radiant. But the superpowers of vegetable charcoal don't stop there. As well as purifying the skin, it also helps to preserve its hydrolipidic film, whilst avoiding the uncomfortable tugging sensation which you can sometimes feel after putting on a clay mask. Finally, charcoal has antioxidant effects which help in the fight against the daily signs of tiredness that active women tend to experience and, over time, against skin ageing.