Skin Care

Sweet almond oil a sure-fire ingredient to soothe irritated skin

Sweet almond oil is obtained from almond kernels and is bursting with vitamins A, B, D and E, proteins, mineral salts and a variety of ultra-nourishing substances. Vitamin A gives us gorgeous skin by making it supple, whilst Vitamin E boosts cell renewal. Sweet almond oil's potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper all strengthen and balance our cutaneous structures.

Moisturising, nourishing and soothing, sweet almond oil is great for dry, irritated skin. It's packed with essential fatty acids (omega 6 and 9), which help reconstruct our skin's protective hydrolipidic film. Its emollient properties also help to get rid of dead skin cells. It prevents our skin from dehydrating so that it can quickly and effectively regenerate.

Traditional medicine has always sung sweet almond oil's praises, thanks to it calming, softening, anti-inflammatory properties. Skincare specialists recommend it for soothing minor irritations, burns and mild cases of eczema. It also works wonders on chapped skin, particularly hands and lips. It instantly leaves our skin soft and supple.

To apply sweet almond oil, simply dab a few drops on to your skin or any patches that feel dry and irritated. Gently massage it on to your skin to help it penetrate. Give your skin time to soak it up before you get dressed. You can also mix it with granulated sugar to make a homemade scrub. Hair-wise, you can massage it on to your hair shafts, cover your head with a hot towel, leave for an hour and then wash it off. If you fancy a massage, sweet almond oil is one of the most popular oils used by therapists. Other practitioners recommend we drink a teaspoon of neat oil per day (or it drizzle over a salad) over several weeks to feed and improve the quality of our skin.