Skin Care

Sunscreen's A Must, Even When Taking A Dip

Sunscreens A Must Even When Taking A Dip

Apply a moisturising serum first thing in the morning. This will give it time to fully penetrate your skin. Tip: the earlier the better, as it's less likely to flake off when you apply your sunscreen. Then slather on a sunscreen with both UVA and UVB filters all over your body.

Don't forget your hands - to avoid the appearance of pigment spots - and feet which can hurt like hell if sunburnt. You should also pay attention to your ears, forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. If you plan to go paddle boating, windsurfing, surfing or water skiing, choose a sunscreen designed for kids: white and waterproof. You'll end up with a bronzed glow and avoid any damage from the sun's rays.

The effect of light reflecting off water and sand means we tan much faster. Once back from the beach, remove all make-up and hop in the shower to rinse off any sunscreen and salt. Use a nourishing, soothing shower oil, enriched with moisturising active ingredients.

Finish off with an after-sun that will repair the skin and calm any sunburn. Either a lotion or dry oil will do the trick. Squinting all day in the sun means you should take care of your eye contour; it's a fragile area and the last thing you need is to finish summer with crow's feet. Repair and moisturise this zone to keep a fresh, youthful look for as long as possible.