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Sleeping Masks, The New Beauty Routine To Adopt!

Sleeping Masks The New Beauty Routine To Adopt

Also called a sleeping mask, this Korean concept was launched in 2000 and immediately became a huge success in Asia. The idea is simple: between 11pm and 2am, the cellular regeneration of the skin is at its most active, so by applying a mask in the evening and leaving it on all night, you are allowing the active ingredients to do their thing in those golden hours, maximising the benefits. How is this different from your evening skincare routine? Well, the night mask has a gel texture that is more comfortable than the often too-thick night cream. It allows the skin to breathe and moulds itself perfectly to your face, forming an invisible film on the surface, beneath which the cutaneous circulation will be boosted.

A night mask will penetrate your skin throughout the night and leave it feeling fresh and soft the next day. Highly concentrated in ingredients, it enhances the quality of your skin by improving its texture, reducing wrinkles, deeply hydrating and adding radiance. We're sold!

Contrary to what its name suggests, the night mask is not a mask that you place on the face. Instead, thoroughly cleanse, as you do every night, and apply the gel on the entire face. Ideally, lightly massage it into your skin to aid penetration of the ingredients and boost circulation. Leave on all night and rinse the last traces off with warm water in the morning. You can either use the mask as a course of treatment every night for a few weeks; in winter when the skin is more dehydrated, for example; or use it all year round, applying it once a week.