Skin Care

Rushed Off Your Feet Time To Invest in Cleansing Wipes

Compact, practical packaging and advanced formulae make these wipes perfect for a quick, thorough cleanse to remove makeup. Easy to use and carry around, cleansing wipes are great if you're pressed for time, on a business trip or heading off on a weekend jaunt. They do their job and keep up with beauty-boosting technological advances.

They burst onto the scene during the 80s and have never looked back. At first they were 'basic', but nowadays they're designed for different skin types and the most stubborn of makeup (waterproof, glittery...).

Moisturising formulae for sensitive skin, blemish-busting ingredients for troublesome complexions, purifying wipes to zap spots and anti-ageing ones for mature skin. In other words, a huge choice... So no more excuses girls, your bathroom shelf has more than enough space!