Skin Care

Royal jelly: the hard facts about our wintertime BFF

You are already planning for your winter vacation and can’t wait to hit the slopes! Only glitch? How to stop the wind, sun, altitude, and snowy weather wreaking your skin. Don't panic! A suitable beauty routine and packing the right kit will keep you gorgeously glowing even during the harshest of winters.

1. Moisturise your skin before you head out

Wind, cold and high altitudes dry out our skin. So hydrate your skin before you even think about donning your winter gear. Start the day by swapping your micellar water for a rich, moisturising cleansing lotion. Follow with your usual day cream or throw in a serum for extra nourishing power. And don't forget to apply an eye contour treatment. Even if your eyes are protected by your fabulous new sunglasses/ski mask, they'll still have to confront cold, windy conditions.

2. Skipping SPF is a no-no

High altitudes and sunlight reflecting off snow is as harmful to our skin as a week on a tropical island. So before you jump on the ski lift, make sure you've applied a sunblock that's rich in texture and will resist the cold. If you have fair or fragile skin make sure it has an SPF 50, like the L’Oréal Paris UV Perfect Even Complexion, for maximum protection! The Mexoryl SX/XL and long UVA filters in the UV Perfect sunscreen provide a photo-stable broad spectrum protection to help guard skin’s fairness, colour, and visible youth. The UV Perfect is also enriched with powerful anti-oxidant complex to reinforce skin defense and protect skin against free radicals.

And don't forget to reapply your sunscreen during the day - lunchtime is best, particularly if you find yourself on a sunny terrace. Bear in mind that even if it's cloudy, your skin still needs protecting, so slather on the sunscreen come rain or shine!

3. Don’t forget to protect your pout

Dry lips are very common during wintry weather. They face the elements, so can easily get chapped and sore. As lip skin lacks sebaceous glands, it can't keep itself hydrated. Keep them soft and moisturised by applying a ski-specific lip balm to protect them from dehydration and harsh UV rays. And, as with your sunscreen, keep reapplying it throughout the day to avoid dry lips. Once back at base, soothe and moisturise your lips with a coat of petroleum jelly or honey.

4. Pamper your hands

Even if you're wearing gloves, you can still get chapped hands. Treat them to ultra-rich textures - cold creams, vegetable oil balms, and shea butter will do the trick. Massage on your cream, so that it deeply penetrates your skin. Chapped hands may hurt after a long day on the slopes, so before hitting the sack, apply a thick layer of nourishing oil and pop on a pair of cotton gloves for the night.

5. Apply a rich night cream

Once you've stepped out of the shower/bath, apply a nourishing moisturiser to your face, neck and cleavage area, so that your epidermis can regenerate overnight. And just before you switch off the lights, apply a second cream - preferably a cold cream, as its thicker texture will immediately soothe your slope-stroked face. For a turbo-charged moisturising action, treat yourself to a hydrating face mask. By applying a thick layer, your skin will be able to soak up its beneficial active ingredients.

And there you go - pampered, soft, protected skin that's ready to snowboard its way through the day. The slopes are calling, and you must go!