Skin Care

Prepare My Skin for Autumnal Weather in 15 Minutes Flat

Any autumn skincare routine needs to start with a good scrub, in preparation for the cold, wet weather that's on its way. Scrubbing is a must when the seasons change, as it rids skin of dead cells that suffocate the epidermis. Exfoliating also helps skin to better absorb any treatments you apply. Apply your scrub gently, using small circular movements. And don't forget to scrub your lips, as they're sensitive to seasonal changes, becoming dry and chapped when cold weather arrives.

'Moisturise' is the autumn skincare golden rule. After two months of basking in the sun, our skin becomes dehydrated and needs deep moisturising. Opt for a face mask and slather on a thick layer to cleansed skin. By coating your skin, its active ingredients will deeply penetrate the epidermis.

We tend to go easy during the summer, but with the change of season we need to adapt our routine. Treat yourself to a serum that you should apply before your day or night cream. Packed with active ingredients, it will deeply penetrate and moisturise your skin. If you overdid the sunbathing during the summer, use an anti-ageing formula to help your skin regenerate. Finally, dig out your eye contour cream: this fragile part of?? the face is extremely susceptible to the cold and seasonal changes. The skin around your eyes may feel stretched and your wrinkles may have deepened... So time to get cracking!