Skin Care

Photo filters in a pot? Welcome to the blur effect!

Photo filters in a pot Welcome to the blur effect

Simply put, it's the 'Photoshop' of the cosmetic industry. As the name suggests, blur creams provide an optical effect to hide or reduce imperfections. They unify pores and skin tone, smoothe out wrinkles and disguise all sorts of blemishes. Blurring products don't leave any residues or a greasy film, but rather coat the skin in a kind of invisible plaster. Ultra light, they're suited to all ages and skin types, even though they're marketed towards women in their 30's and 40's. You can choose them according to your needs: oily skin, first wrinkles, antioxidant action, open pores...

By creating an optical illusion, blurring products alter the appearance and texture of skin. Their light-reflecting particles visually smoothe out the epidermis, disguise dilated pores, fill lines, erase scars and, if that wasn't enough, they come in a variety of formulae: anti-ageing, hydrating, mattifying... And it doesn't stop there! They also help make up to set better and last longer.

A secret weapon first used by Hollywood's film and photo shoot make up artists, the first generation of blurring products didn't contain water and looked like a thick, gooey paste. Their texture has since been improved. Nowadays they combine a visual, cosmetic effect with skincare formulae. They are water-based emulsions that contain silicone elastomers and biological active ingredients such as mattifying mineral powders. They're light, comfortable and aerated. In other words, blur creams no longer resemble face masks and allow skin to breathe.

Apply a light coat of your blur cream to your entire face, paying attention to zones that need a bit more help: side of the nose, forehead, frown lines, crow's feet and naso-labial folds. You just need to warm up a dollop on your hand and start with your forehead, before gently smoothing it down and across your face. Finish by lightly dabbing it in with your fingertips.