Skin Care

Oxygen, a Breath of Fresh Air for Perfect Skin

Our skin needs oxygen if we want to keep our rosy glow. A lack of oxygen will make our skin look lacklustre, older, dull and dehydrated. Age and lifestyle (pollution, stress, fatigue, fatty diet...) causes a lowering of oxygen levels that become immediately apparent on our skin. So we need to help our skin to breathe by applying oxygenating active ingredients that will purify and hydrate our epidermis.

There are plenty of ways to infuse oxygen in your daily skincare to derive the most amount of benefit and to get youthful, glowing skin:


Oxygenating serums have recently burst onto the scene and are proving effective when it comes to brightening and hydrating skin. As each oxygen molecule penetrates the epidermis, it liberates two water molecules wherever they're needed. And as we all know, well-hydrated skin is our best preemptive strike against the appearance of wrinkles. The result? Plump, peachy, baby-soft skin! What's more oxygen-based treatments are hypoallergenic, meaning they're suited to all skin types, sensitive skin included.



Oxygen facials have taken beauty salons and spas by storm. These are nothing like the masks or treatments that we use at home. A therapist will pump your skin full of oxygen mixed with a serum that's packed with active ingredients such as omega 3, vitamin A or hyaluronic acid. This is because oxygen is able to carry active ingredients to where they're needed, making them even more effective. Our skin is deeply moisturised as it absorbs each tiny bubble. A sure-fire way to zap free radicals and combat ageing skin.


Dermat Intervention

The latest generation of oxygen facials use propulsion techniques. It's a pain free process where oxygen is injected directly into skin. It reduces signs of ageing, dullness, red patches, bags and dark circles. Oxygen injections also work wonders on age spots, by diminishing dark patches caused by excessive melanin production.

Our verdict? If it's good enough for Hollywood, then it's good enough for us!