Skin Care

Oils To Fight Greasy Skin: The Facts

Essentials oils are known to have roots in ancient beauty rituals and over the years, they continue to to grow in popularity. They are widely used by beauty experts, especially by people who swear by natural skincare ingredients. The oils are packed with goodness and, if chosen correctly, can soothe and purify skin, as well as regulate sebum production and deal with unsightly open pores.

Some of the best skin-friendly essential oils are oregano, lemongrass, lemon balm, citronella, rosemary, lavender, clove and chamomile. When blended with a carrier oil, these scented miracle-workers can handle all that oily skin throws at us. Read on to know more.

How do essential oils work?

In one clean sweep, they soothe, balance, purify and nourish oily skin. Which is great news, as traditionally oily skin treatments tend to be harsh and abrasive - not the best idea for a skin type that actually needs loving care!


And the added plus?

The latest generation of face oils are ultra-light, velvety in texture and quickly penetrate skin without leaving a greasy film.


How should you use essentials oils?

In the morning, add a couple of drops to your day cream (it makes a great make up primer) and gently tap it in using your fingertips. In the evening, gently press the oil onto your forehead, cheeks and neck, which craves just as much care as your face!

Now that amazing benefits that essential oils carry for you skin, it is time to get started! Make them a part of your skin care regime and experience glow, like never before!