Skin Care

New beauty treatments to instantly turn back time

We can start attacking signs of ageing skin during our 30s, when our first wrinkles tend to appear, usually frown lines and crow's feet. But with passing years, our skin begins to dry out and has a hard time regenerating its cells. Collagen and elastin fibres deteriorate, our skin loses elasticity, and wrinkles settle in for good.

Towards the age of 50, cellular renewal and collagen production slow down even further, meaning our epidermis begins to sag, wrinkles deepen, laughter lines appear at the sides of our mouth, and liver spots crop up at a faster rate. At 60, our skin becomes thin and fragile and loses its glow in the process.

But what if we had a treatment that could make us look 10 years younger in a flash?

It takes 28 days for skin cells to complete their life cycle. In other words, it takes this much time for a new cell produced in the deeper layers of our skin to reach the surface of our epidermis. Which is why anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue and anti-blemish treatments take 3 to 4 weeks to work. But that was then!

Today, you'll find serum treatments that work pretty much immediately. They're even more impressive if they have a smoothing action. Thanks to smoothing polymers, these serums instantly wipe away the years and leave us with an even-toned, velvety complexion. Result: wrinkles are smoothed away and we immediately look younger!

The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Eye Cream fights wrinkles, regains firmness, and springs the skin back to its youth. Apply daily on the eye contour to moisturise and tone the skin. Day after day, crow’s feet wrinkles are reduced and the eye contour regains its firmness and looks revitalized. Its light, creamy texture penetrates quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and comfortable.