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Micellar water, the gentlest of cleansers

Micellar water the gentlest of cleansers

Micellar water differs from other cleansers (milks, oils, gels, lotions, foams) in that it's made from micelles blended with water. These are nano-sized particles that trap impurities and bind them to the water content so that they can be removed. Its star characteristic? It combines the freshness of water with the effectiveness of a cleansing oil, perfect for removing grease from make-up, impurities and excess sebum without irritating the skin.

Micellar water can replace double cleansing, meaning it works as both a cleanser and toner. It's a one-stop, quick and easy-as-pie solution if you're in a hurry, not least because it doesn't need rinsing. The only downside: although you can use it on your eyes, if you're wearing heavy make-up it may not remove everything on the first go.

Soothing, micellar water is particularly good for those with sensitive skin or those who find tap water too harsh. Formulated without soap and generally fragrance-free, it helps maintain the skin's natural pH level and is, therefore, suited to all skin types. Various, equally mild formulas are available, depending on what you're after: mattyfing, soothing or moisturising.

As it comes in liquid form, micellar water can't be applied with the fingertips, unlike oils or cleansing foams. Apply it to a cotton pad and smooth it across your face, working from the centre out. To remove stubborn eye make-up, leave the pad on your eyes for a few seconds so that it dissolves any mascara or oily products. Repeat until all traces of make-up have been removed.