Skin Care

Look bright eyed and bushy tailed after losing beauty sleep

We all know what it feels like to look in the mirror after only a few hours' kip or a night on the tiles... Here's the lowdown on what a good night's sleep means! A decent night's beauty sleep means nodding off within half an hour, not waking up during the night and staying in the Land of Nod until your alarm goes off. During the first few hours of sleep, our skin cleans up its cells and eliminates toxins and damaged proteins. Once done, our skin moves on to repairing cells and our DNA. The cell repairing process kicks in to drive between around 11pm and 4am. So it's worth eating a light meal and hitting the sack early, with an aim to getting 8 hours uninterrupted beauty sleep, so that your skin can have a breather.

"Rest assured that if you're sleeping poorly and your skin's blotchy in the morning, then there are preemptive strikes you can put in place! Welcome to the latest generation of treatments that will convince the world you've had enough shut-eye.

- Anti-fatigue balms that boost skin's metabolism during the night so you wake up looking fully rested. They help our skin to recover overnight. Being packed with vitamins, they smoothe out tired, haggard features, brighten our skin and deeply nourish the epidermis.

- Peeling creams rich in hyaluronic acid that gently peel and revitalise tired skin.- Anti-ageing recovery serums that brighten skin and add a youthful plumpness.

- Eye contour patches that zap dark circles and bags - a classic double-whammy that goes hand in hand with a sleepless night. Patches that contain caffeine are particularly good for freshening up our eye contours and erasing signs of tiredness.

- Face masks bursting with active ingredients to wake up, smoothe and revitalise skin. Face masks that contain fruit acids both moisturise and brighten worn out complexions.