Skin Care

Kiss Goodbye To Unwanted Body And Facial Hair

The golden rule to hair removal is to only remove hair from clean, healthy skin. So several days beforehand, check the areas you want to treat for small lesions, redness, inflammation or signs of irritation from ingrowing hairs. If in doubt, treat the area concerned so it can heal.

Using light, circular movements, apply a coarse-grained scrub from tip to toe to exfoliate dead skin cells and prevent the appearance of unsightly ingrowing hairs. The added plus? Softer, smoother skin.

After scrubbing, make sure you moisturise your skin. This will help the epidermis maintain its suppleness and elasticity. Apply a cream or lotion, but avoid rich treatments, which may leave an oily film on the areas concerned.

Before a hair removal session, the skin must be perfectly clean and in good nick. On the day itself, disinfect the area with a cotton pad soaked in antiseptic gel/alcohol or use wipes to remove all traces of cream or oil that might prevent your hair removal cream or wax from doing its job.

To avoid sore skin or rashes, check your hair removal items : if you're using a razor, use a newish one and shave in the shower so that your pores are dilated. Electric shavers must be cleaned first to ensure they're working at their best. With hair removal creams, choose one with an even texture that's the right type for your skin. And first do a skin test on the inside of your elbow to check for any allergic reactions.