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Kiss Goodbye to Shiny Skin!

Kiss Goodbye to Shiny Skin

Sunshine and heat can cause skin to lose its velvety, matte look, as pores produce more sebum, making our faces look shiny and oily. And there's another culprit; sweating. Caused by heat, stress or exertion, sweat mixes with sebum and increases any shine. But don't worry, we've got a plan to help you beat the grease this summer.

Step 1: Purify once or twice a week. Applying a purifying, cleansing clay face mask will detoxify your skin and rid it of impurities. Your skin will breathe better, your pores will tighten, blackheads will disappear and sebum secretion will be kept in check. Shiny, oily skin will be a thing of the past.

Step 2: Cleanse morning and night. Our sebaceous glands go into overdrive at night, so don't be surprised if you wake up to oily skin. To keep your complexion as matte as possible, cleanse your skin at night to get rid of any sweat and grime accumulated during the day. Repeat in the morning to remove excess sebum produced during the night.

Step 3: Moisturise every day. Even if your skin is oily, it still needs hydrating. Opt for a light formula, suited to oily skin, that penetrates quickly; its active ingredients will fight any shine by absorbing sebum and sweat.

Step 4: Apply corrective cosmetics. Two items to slip in your make-up bag: a mattifying blotter that contains absorbing agents (like talc, kaolin, zinc) and a mattifying, loose powder that will give you velvety skin at any time of day. Now, back to the beach!