Excuse sebum, pollution, tobacco fumes... the day throws a lot at your face so a deep cleanse is a must! After removing your make-up, use a cleanser; foaming or gel-based; with antibacterial (cetrimonium bromide, capryole glycine) and anti-inflammatory (zinc, vitamin B3, aloe vera) active ingredients. Apply it using your fingers or a facial cleansing brush. This will get rid of any excess oil, reduce the amount of bad bacteria on the skin, calm inflammation and begin to treat blemishes.

Now that your face is fully cleansed, you can attack your blemishes. Apply a purifying toner to the skin with a cotton wool pad. Follow this with a moisturiser for oily skin. It will regulate excess sebum and reduce shine. In the morning, opt for a cream with a light texture that's quickly absorbed by the skin. At night, go for a richer formula to give your face some well-deserved pampering. If you have blackheads, choose treatments specifically aimed at this problem. Your skin tone will begin to even itself out in a matter of days, but this doesn't mean you should stop your regime... blemishes can come back with a vengeance.

We'd all like our skin blemishes to disappear with the wave of a magic wand. Which is why following certain make-up tips and tricks can help to disguise their appearance. Apply a primer containing smoothing agents to even out the skin's texture. Follow with a non-comedogenic foundation (to avoid clogging your pores), making sure it matches your natural skin tone. For a bright, fresh-faced look, dab on a bit of concealer where needed. Finish off with a mattifying powder applied with a brush. It will set your make-up and absorb any excess sebum. And there you go, blemish-free, flawless skin!