Skin Care

How to get a caressable, smooth back

How to get a caressable smooth back

Once a week, apply a body scrub. If you can't reach your back without toppling over, use a back loofah that will scrub you clean without a pulled muscle in sight. If you have oily skin that's suffers from spots - particularly on your shoulders - go for a scrub designed for acne-prone skin.

Body creams and shimmering oils nourish the epidermis. So religiously moisturise after your daily bath or shower to give you supple skin. Pay attention to your shoulders and cleavage. If you fancy a sparkle, opt for a mother-of-pearl oil for an extra dewy finish.

If the idea of exposing lily white skin horrifies you, invest in a fake tan. Apply it using a pair of plastic gloves - you can pick up disposable gloves at most chemists. Wearing gloves makes fake tans much easier to apply. Plus you'll avoid nasty streaks and uneven patches. You can also apply a touch of bronzing powder with a large brush to contour your assets!

Work on your posture. Squeeze your buttocks together and hold in your tummy. Keep your shoulders back, tuck in your chin and imagine that the back of your head is being held up by string. Trust us, you'll be walking like Darcey Bussell in no time at all! Final tip - look ahead when you walk... You can examine your feet later. And keep your head up for an elegant, swan-like profile.

Tone up your muscles with back-boosting exercises. Swimming (backstroke in particular), dance lessons and pilates are great ways to muscle up. You can also pump weights to firm up your back muscles, but make sure you keep your back straight for maximum effect. Plus you'll find that once you begin to stand or sit straight, it'll quickly become second nature.