Liver spots or dark patches of skin are caused by our melanin production going haywire and usually appear on our face, cleavage, forearms and hands. Brown blemishes, liver spots, age spots, hormone-related spots... Call them what you like, the point is that they make us look even older than our wrinkles do! Although their appearance may be due to different factors, around 63% of liver spots are actually caused by exposure to the sun.

They are completely harmless but they can make us feel self-conscious and affect the appearance of our skin. The result is an uneven skin tone, loss of radiance and a dull complexion. But don't worry, it's not the end of the world! There are plenty of ways we can deal with the little beggars. The golden rule: always apply a sunscreen, as the sun not only causes liver spots, but also worsens ones that have already appeared.

If you have liver spots you can reduce their appearance and even completely zap them by applying treatments packed with anti-pigment active ingredients on a daily basis. These usually contain vitamin C, polyphenols andglycolic acid. You could also go down the professional route by booking an appointment with a dermatologist.