Skin Care

Holiday Skin Without Stepping On a Plane

We're not talking about Brigitte Bardot. We mean Blemish Balm, the hybrid 6-in-1 skin perfecter product. It beautifies your skin tone and adds glow instantly BB cream is the indispensable ally of those who spend all summer in the city. Because, to make up for the lack of holidays, we try to make the most of al fresco lunches and drinks. And that is when UV rays strike. That's the double benefit of BB cream: thanks to its solar filters, it protects you from UV damage. It's the product that combines sun protection in the city and glowing, sun kissed skin.

There's nothing easier than spicing up your skin tone with a foundation powder. In the summer, try a compact format. The pigments attract the light and have a mattifying effect, which prevents shininess when the thermometer is climbing. Apply it all over your face for a natural, even finish. Holiday skin guaranteed. But make sure you don't fall down by choosing a tone that is too dark for your skin; otherwise this sun kissed skin illusion will be ruined. Final tip for holiday skin without leaving home? Bronzing powder. Apply it lightly on the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, your forehead and your chin. And don't forget your cleavage, for a sexy look.