Think summery smells... Creams or suntan oils with light notes such as ylang-ylang or tiare flower. They'll keep you fragrantly fresh all day long! And in the evening, apply a floral water or summer version of your favourite scent - heady perfumes can be overwhelming. Don't spray it directly on to your skin, as it could cause an allergic reaction or flare-up. Our tip? Go for travel size sprays that you can carry on board or slip into your handbag!

We often forget to protect our locks. Our hair also has to deal with the blazing sun, sea and chlorine. So keep your mane in shape by using a suitable shampoo. You could also invest in a hair oil, that will protect it from harsh UV rays.

Once back at base, shower with a pH neutral soap to keep your protective hydrolipidic film intact. Why not try a shower oil? It'll moisturise and soothe, leaving your skin supple and comfortable. And if your body feels clogged with salt, suntan lotions or sweat, give it a gentle scrub to leave it buffed and grime-free.

No need to pile on the slap if you've got a gorgeous tan! Avoid creamy foundations that will melt under the sun or in hot climates. A light touch of pink or orange-toned blusher will shimmer your cheekbones all day long!

Whether it's a weekend away or a month in the sun, packing a sunscreen's non-negotiable. Applying a sunscreen's the only way we can safely tan. Creams, oils, lotions... The choice is there - all you need to do is choose one suited to your skin: SPF 50 if you're fair-skinned and SPF 15 to 30 for darker skin. To avoid getting sunburned, make sure you reapply your sunscreen every two hours and after swimming.

BB creams are great holiday all-rounders! Armed with an SPF, your BB cream will not only protect your face from the sun, but also smooth, even out and mattify your complexion. Dawn 'til dusk glowing skin guaranteed!

If your skin feels parched, you can give it quick mist. Fresh and soothing thermal water adds radiance and quickly cools hot bodies. It calms sensitive skin as well as irritations or red patches. Thermal water is perfect for skin dried out by salty sea water.

Our skin needs nourishing if we've spent hours in the sun. UV rays dry out our skin, whilst hot weather causes water-loss, leaving skin tissue dehydrated. After-sun oils, lotions and creams soothe hot skin, improve suppleness, help skin cell regeneration and leave us with a healthy bronzed glow!

Cleansing removes sunscreens, waterproof make up and moisturisers that you've applied throughout the day. Opt for light textures - micellar water or a gel - so that your skin isn't overloaded with oil. Avoid rinsing with tap water - it's too harsh for skin that's already under attack from the sun, sea and chlorine!

Swap your usual day cream for a mattifying treatment that will regulate sebum production, leaving you dewy rather than shiny. A real complexion-saver when it's mucho scorchio! And treat your face to a purifying mask (preferably clay-based) once or twice a week.