Exercise your vocal chords and soothe your little one by giving yourself a cleansing facial scrub whilst singing them to sleep. A fine grain scrub will get rid of impurities and oxygenate your skin. Apply using gentle, circular movements to damp skin. Result: your skin will breathe! You'll be left with fresh-faced, glowing skin.

It's true that we love to catch up on some shut eye when our kids are taking a nap, but pampering your skin once a week will do the world of good! Apply a cleansing, purifying face mask and use the time to flip through the latest Marie Claire! A mask packed with absorbing, cleansing ingredients will zap impurities, dead cells and grime. It'll also close any open pores to leave you with lovely even-toned skin. Result: supple comfortable skin that's velvety to the touch.

Whilst your little one's soaking up attention from friends and family members, use the time to moisturise your face. Apply a moisturiser suited to your needs: anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue (yup, they exist!!), brightening, mattifying, anti-blemish... Apply morning and night to clean skin, not forgetting your neck and cleavage.

So they've settled down with their toys, leaving you time to focus on signs of tiredness that betray your lack of sleep! Concentrate on your eyes by camouflaging dark circles and bags: apply an eye contour treatment using a metal tip - the cold will immediately decongest this zone. Follow by applying a concealer that's half a tone lighter than your foundation - make sure it's neither too creamy nor dry. Finish off by welcoming back your Bambi eyes!