Skin Care

Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Summer is just around the corner and that means longer, sunnier days and rising temperatures. It’s time to bring out your summer dresses and show off your bronzed, sun-kissed limbs. But you also need to prepare your skin for summer and shield it from the harmful rays of the sun. Here are our tips to protect your skin while you flaunt your golden summer glow.

1. SPF is a Must

As soon as the mercury rises, you need to dig out day creams that contain SPF. Don't wait for a blazing hot day or seaside getaway - 5 to 10% of UV rays penetrate cloud cover! So you need to religiously protect your skin well all year round, especially in the summers. Even if you're just planning an al-fresco lunch, keep a travel size sunscreen in your bag to touch up throughout the day. The SPF in the day creams form a protective barrier that stops UV rays from attacking cells in the dermis, prevents sunburn, slows down skin ageing, reduces the appearance of sun-induced age spots, and can also lower the risk of getting skin cancer.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin

For a quick and effective cleanse, use a gentle face scrub that is suited to your skin type. Exfoliate regularly - one to three times a week is a good number, stick to the lower end if you have extremely sensitive skin. This will remove dead skin cells, grime, leftover makeup, and traces of pollution. Your skin has a hard time renewing itself during winter, so scrubbing gets rid of toxins that have built up during colder months. Apply a scrub to clean, damp skin to wake up your epidermis, boost your circulation, and kick-start cell renewal.

3. Ditch the Heavy Makeup

The secret weapon? A BB cream to give you a subtle, summery shimmer. BB creams differ from foundations in that they provide light coverage without making your makeup look heavy and cakey. The L’Oréal Paris True Match BB Cream has numerous skin-friendly benefits – it not only moisturizes and corrects your complexion, but it also contains SPF 35 that protects your skin from UV rays. The collagen, hyaluronic crystals, and adenosine in the BB cream help to give a younger, smoother, and brighter skin tone while vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of dark sunspots. The True Match BB Cream is easy to apply and instantly leaves your skin looking radiant, glowy, and ready for summer!

While enjoying the warm sunshine and a little bit of sun exposure is healthy for your body, stepping out without protecting your skin can have adverse effects on your skin’s texture and complexion. Remember to protect your skin with the right products and you can enjoy your summers without worry!